Kirsten Dunst arrived on a stopover at Heathrow today and the photo agency says she's heading to the Cannes Film Festival. She was there last year for On The Road with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund. No sign of him at the airport though he may be arriving later? Hedlund is in Inside Llewyn Davis which is premiering at the festival. Unless he’s decided not to go because Justin Timberlake wants to take over the entire show.

Last week, Kiki was in Atlanta shooting a cameo for Anchorman 2. Everyone but Ashley Greene has a cameo in that movie, seriously. On the weekend she returned home to LA and she and Garrett were photographed hand in hand out for dinner. This might be the hottest set of candids ever taken of him. Gwyneth Paltrow once called Garrett the next Brad Pitt -- click here for a refresher. You can see that here, right? And it was all since Kiki, it totally was.