Unless you’re a Little Monster, you know, come on you know, we all agree here that Kirsten Dunst was robbed, right? The Hollywood Foreign Press Association can’t resist a pop star. See also Madonna. But it’s OK. Kiki’s career is a quarter century. Brad Pitt’s a few tables away, maybe trying not to look at her dress and remember that he kissed her with her hair in ringlets. She’s not new to this game. But this might be a new Kiki in this old game. She’s come through the turbulence of being “it”, through the spotlight of the superhero box office, through that inevitable child star trouble, and there’s a balance and stability to her that she’s bringing to her work now that’s so exciting to watch. Seriously, find time for Fargo whenever you get a chance.

As for this dress – it’s Maison Valentino, luxurious, decadent, a perfect fit. And all that cleave is not usually my thing. But I think the difference here is in the fabric. We’re not dealing with a stretch blend, it’s not stuck to her body but she’s also not falling out of it. The velvet is so spectacularly rich and lush that the entire effect is pure glamour, without a lot of trying. It’s one of her most memorable looks ever, and she’s had so many of them.

PS. Makes me so happy that she and Garrett Hedlund are still together.