Justin Long will not go quietly into the night.

Now that Drew Barrymore has tired of him, he has cleverly managed to get in with another A list starlet – this time it’s Kirsten Dunst.

OK! Magazine is reporting the two were just spotted this morning in NYC, after what looked to be an allnighter, holding hands and kissing in Soho. Apparently they were headed in the direction of his apartment – a $2.5 million little bachelor pad courtesy of Apple.

This actually wouldn’t be the first time Kiki macked on Drew’s leftovers. Remember Kiki and Fabrizio Moretti?

Things is, Kiki’s flings never last. Sadly, most of the time, she is the problem. Like Winona Ryder’s fate… how do you recover after Johnny Depp. Similarly, how does Kirsten Dunst do better than Jakey G?