My Kiki showed up at the Chanel show for Paris fashion week today. As you can see, she looks perfect. As you can see, she still loves her Ray-Bans. And as you can see, Karl promptly threw himself at her for the photo op.

Another runway, another season, and the bitchbeating fan is still missing. The world is a dimmer place.

I bought the most hilarious thing last weekend when I was in Toronto, couldn’t help myself. K Karl Lagerfeld is sold at Mendocino – beautiful trousers, a few nice blazers…but the piece de resistance had to be the tank top. Only Karl would design and sell a tank top with his photo emblazoned across the front. The most amazing.thing.ever. Amazing. You look and you laugh. You look and you giggle.

So of course I had to buy it. Of course it was $120. For a TANK TOP!!! But see for yourself – the tee shirt version attached. Feast your eyes on Karl’s face looking back at you from a tee shirt, hear him muttering incoherently in your head, and please don’t tell me it’s not worth it. So totally worth it.