Kiki at Elton John’s Annual White Tie & Tiara Ball on Thursday. LOVE her tiara interpretation, don’t you? Instead of the wedding crown Liz Hurley insists on overplaying year after year, here’s my Kiki making it her own. Bless her for never being safe.

Kirsten has been in London for several weeks shooting How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, Toby Young’s uncomfortably hilarious account of his time at Vanity Fair – unparalleled assery that he managed to turn into a book and a stage production.

Differing reports as to whether or not she’s still with Johnny Borrell – was overheard complaining about his touring schedule vs her work schedule – but while in London, Kiki has apparently taken a shine to the Hawley arms, frequented often by the likes of Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse and Sadie Frost and on occasion Madonna too.

Hilarious place. The Hawley Arms is in Camden, is a total dive. I mean a dive. Not swank, not chic…but for the clientele. Girls dressed up in trendy London attire – expensive too – only to slum it for the sake of saying they’ve slummed it where the famous have slummed it. And I’m told it’s now a tourist attracting for this very reason. Word is, Kiki has been known to stay til closing … so if you’re in town for a visit and looking for a star to spot, head to Camden as opposed to Nobu. You’ll probably get lucky and save some money too.