They were at the HBO party. I just did a brief search for Rose Leslie who plays Gidget or whatever and she didn’t come up although that doesn’t mean she wasn’t there since American photographers don’t really recognise British actors, including Michelle Dockery who was mislabelled “Rumer Willis” for a while on Getty Images. Anyway, are real life Gidget and Jon Snow still dating? They were last seen in August eating romantically. Since then, no word.

Here’s Kit Harington after the Globes the other night and also Jaime Lannister. Did you know there are Jaime-Brienne shippers? Like, straight up, instead of imagining, say, I dunno, Brange or whatever, they get off on Jaime and his captor? Yeah I get that. Do they eventually do it? Wait no, don’t tell me. Ok tell me. NO. Don’t tell me. DON’T TELL ME. There must be fan fiction then, right? I might be down for some hardcore xxx Jaime-Brienne fan fiction.

10 weeks to go!