All the photos I saw of Kit Harington before the show, on the carpet, were of him making his squinty-eye, brooding face, also known as his Jon Snow face. So it was going to be that kind of night. I thought…wrong. Because they paired him as a presenter with Andy Samberg. And they did a goofy, stupid bit together that really worked for me or maybe I’m just biased because they included Kyle Chandler:



See? Even celebrities are obsessed with Coach Taylor. WHY HAVEN’T YOU WATCHED FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?

Anyway, this isn’t the first time Andy and Kit have been teamed up to be funny. Sarah just wrote about this a couple of weeks ago – last year they were in a mockumentary together called 7 Days In Hell. Kit’s use of the word “indubitably” is excellent. This is why Kit has to stop brooding. As Sarah noted in her post, “People who are good at comedy are NEVER cool”. And, like Sarah, I’m really feeling the comedy thing for Kit. So maybe enough with the squinting.

PS. For those of you asking about Rose Leslie, E! News reports she was with him at a Game Of Thrones pre-Emmys party on Saturday even though she wasn’t at the show proper. Given that it’s been an entire season since her character was killed, it makes sense that she didn’t get a ticket. I mean Kristian Nairn didn’t a ticket, and if Hodor wasn’t there, Gidget really shouldn’t be there.

Rose, by the way, was at the Erdem show at London Fashion Week today.