What got me was Ghost. Ghost’s wailing because he couldn’t get to his best friend. I mean, if you’ve ever had a dog…

Or maybe even if you’ve never had a dog. I don’t think I was ever “sad” about Jon Snow “dying” until Ghost’s howls gave me the feelings. Here’s a question then: if and when Jon Snow ever comes back, will he and Ghost be the same? Animals are supposed to have that sixth sense about the soul. So if Jon Snow is resurrected and Ghost goes postal, well, you know how that sh-t smells. If, however, he is welcomed by Ghost, well, sh-t, what the f-ck does that mean?

As we know though, we are supposed to believe that Jon is gone. We are also supposed to be believe that Ser Davos believes that Melisandre can help, somehow. And then she wearily takes off her youth and goes to bed… to gain strength and energy, build up her reserves, so that she can raise him from the dead? F-ck him from the dead?

How else do you explain why Kit Harington’s hair is still so shaggy? It’s shaggy…and he’s with Rose!