A few members of the cast of Game Of Thrones, along with George R R Martin and showrunners, David Benioff and DB Weiss, were at the television academy yesterday in advance of the Season 3 premiere on March 31...

Are you ready?!?

Did I mention Arya is adorable in real life and Bran is SO pretty it’s unfair? There’s none of that Hollywood Machine Child to either of them. Which may be the asterisk to the child star rule -- the British are more likely to make it out OK? Then again, these two seem more of the “actor” variety than “star”.

My interviews with the cast will continue to air on etalk and SPACE over the next couple of weeks.

And then there’s Jon Snow Kit Harington. You know what was really cute about our conversation? When he was telling me about Pompeii and his return to Vancouver to work on the film, he added that it’s his first opportunity as a lead in a movie and he said he was nervous about it, and sweetly so, without that “Oh I was destined for this” attitude or any dick swinging bravado and I wondered whether or not he’ll change when he transitions from TV Star to Movie Star because it happens. They make movies and suddenly, they’re assholes. Unless it’s James McAvoy. And I feel like Kit would be the same.