Check out Kit Harington in New York, having a smoke outside his hotel today, one day after what happened last night – what many are calling one of the best episodes of Game Of Thrones of all time. At least top 3. That battle was so well-directed, but in particular, to me at least, the last minute or so, when Jon and the zombie boss are staring each other down. Or, rather, the zombie boss is staring down Jon who can barely breathe and is straight up terrified. It reminds me of that interview Kit gave at the start of the season when he said it was the first time he’s had more pages than Peter Dinklage. He also said that that entire fight – it took a month to shoot – was the hardest thing he’s ever done. Yeah.

Given that there are still two more episodes left before we have to take a f-cking 10 month break, um, I’m now really worried about Jon Snow. Because they foreshadowed the sh-t out of what’s going to happen when he gets back to Castle Black. Not only in the conversation between Sam and Olly but also when Karsi asked him when they were loading people onto the boats - Like, are you sure your men are going to let us through? Like, maybe your word doesn’t mean as much as you think it does.

The easy theory of Ice and Fire is Jon and Khaleesi unite to f-ck up all the zombies. But this show has made me so terrified of tactical mistakes. That Alliser dude looked kinda smug when Jon was leaving. What if not shutting that guy down was a tactical mistake and he gets his head cut off like Ned Stark? What if the “Ice” of Ice and Fire is actually Sansa? Actually… I could handle a Sansa-Khaleesi alliance.

I cannot handle any more of this. Please don’t let them come back again, ever.