Kit Harington’s big movie

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 21, 2014 16:13:24 February 21, 2014 16:13:24

Pompeii opens today. It’s Kit Harington’s first time as the lead in a movie. And as much as I like him, as much as I hope he’ll be successful, I’m not sure it’s happening here, with this film. The reviews aren’t great. And, worse, they’re saying that Pompeii will probably be “crushed” by LEGO. Still, these days it’s all about foreign box office. And they’re expecting that Pompeii will do much better overseas. Why do foreign moviegoers keep redeeming bad movies? Why do North American moviegoers keep condoning Adam Sandler movies?

As for Kit, after he’s finished promoting Pompeii, he’ll have to turn around and start over again for Game Of Thrones Season 4. And that’s great timing. Because if Pompeii doesn’t do well, he can come right back to a major hit. Game Of Thrones is about as close you can get to a sure thing.


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