Kit Harington was photographed yesterday in London. Those shots are attached below. Today he was seen at Heathrow and so was Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark so I’m wondering if they were both headed to LA for the Screen Actors Guild Awards happening on Saturday. Game of Thrones has been nominated for Best Ensemble Cast.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, we are now officially inside three months before the premiere of Season 6 when we should find out what happened to Jon Snow. Kit was interviewed this week and very specifically insisted that Jon Snow is dead. Skip to the 5:50 mark for that.

As you know, Kit has been seen on location during production of Season 6 and most people, especially fans of this show, and fans of this show do live online, are pretty convinced that Kit Harington is still an active cast member of Game of Thrones. So when Kit says that Jon Snow is dead that’s not really the answer we want anymore because the question has become “who is Jon Snow now?”

Sarah has written several times about how shows like Game of Thrones have handled cliffhangers and ongoing narratives, positing that these somewhat dishonest explanations insult viewers. It’s not a spoiler, at least not to me, if Kit confirms that he’s still on the show and tells me that he can’t say any more and that I’ll just have to tune in and find out. Because that still doesn’t reveal to me what happens to his character. It doesn’t make me want to know that any less.

By the way, if you care about Kit and Rose Leslie, and I do, she was seen by fans with him at the airport today too. Click here to see.

Thanks Anna!