No lie - I daydream about having a Dire Wolf (House Stark style) all the time. If I had a Dire Wolf, I would totally be a rapist catcher. Also my poker face would be much better. Nothing says confidence like rolling up to the party with one of nature’s most ruthless killers and then having it sleep at the foot of your bed every night. Ned Stark was a dumbass. But he did right by his children when he gave them those puppies.

On Friday I attended a screening of the first episode of Season 2 of Game Of Thrones. Kit Harington showed up afterwards for a Q&A. He says they use real wolves and then add them in after because the actors aren’t allowed to be near the animals. Someone also asked about his hair. He doesn’t wash it when he’s shooting the show. Because Jon Snow wouldn’t be shampooing out there among the wildlings either, you know?

Goddamn he is cute. That night he had on a pair of black/grey skinny jeans that fit perfectly and a short-sleeved red t-shirt and his arms are surprisingly cut. Surprising because British boys can have really soft weak poetry arms sometimes a lot.

Here’s Kit Harington with Ben Barnes, in Vancouver for The Seventh Son, after seeing The Hunger Games yesterday with two friends. Now these jeans I don’t like so much.

Six days now until the April 1st premiere of Game Of Thrones on HBO and HBO Canada. Are you ready? I just devoured the first 4 episodes of the new season and I promise you, it will blow your ass off.