I feel like I am running so much game for Kristen Bell and I am just getting sh-t in return. I talk about how smart and thoughtful her portrayal of Veronica Mars was, and people counter with how much time and attention she takes from other Craig Ferguson guests. Or I say she’s doing some interesting stuff on House Of Lies -- which by last night’s indication is being watched by only the Hollywood Foreign Press – and people counter with films like When In Rome and twee talk show appearances on Ellen.

So it is hard for me to defend her at the best of times. This dress is not the best of times.  

I mean, from what I understand, when you’re pregnant everything is bigger, and assuming that includes boobs, why would you want to put them in a rhinestone prison? What do you get out of doing that? The dress isn’t pretty and you look like the whole thing would break in a million directions if you tried to drive a car. Then combine it with the pastel shade of lavendar, and it’s basically a Toddlers & Tiaras dress with a few extra feet of fabric tacked on.

She was there because…her husband is an NBC star? Not really clear. She presented. Fine. But when you’re barely invited, why make yourself the Not Ready For Prime Time guest?

I try to get people to see that there’s stuff there to like. But on days like this, I really wonder why I bother.