Kristen Bell is not Reese Witherspoon

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 28, 2010 07:04:36 January 28, 2010 07:04:36

I didn’t say it, Gawker said it. But you know I’ve been saying it for years: that TV girls should be content being on TV. And Kristen Bell is very much a TV girl. Just like Jessicas Alba and Biel, and so many more her, Bell just doesn’t have it to make it in movies.

“Bell is a great in comedies, a pretty spit fire, but she just doesn't have that je ne sais quoi to make her a Reese Witherspoon.”

It’s true. Half the time she’s barely distinguishable. Whatever she has there’s not enough of it to make me care beyond a television series. Even Duana, a hard core Veronica Mars fan – and I understand this is why those of you who are fond of her are fond of her – couldn’t argue. Separate the actor from the show and, well, it’s not compelling enough of a presence. And when you combine her with her male counterpart in a bromidic romantic comedy… well… the result is When In Rome.

Last night was the LA premiere. And as far as movie stars on the red carpet go, Kristen certainly didn’t dress like one. It’s the sartorial equivalent of her tv to movie attempt – too ambitious, and definitely not for her. On someone else? On Charlize Theron? Sure. On Kristen Bell? I’m almost embarrassed about her tryhardery. Almost. If she wasn’t such a bitch. Laura and I were treated to it at Sundance a few years ago. We were working a party carpet, Kristen walked in like Reese Witherspoon with a bitchface, sneering all the way down. Her? Please.

Speaking of Reese, perfect opportunity to compare the star power. She was out last night as well. At An Unforgettable Evening Benefiting EIF's Women's Cancer Research Fund. That’s a perfect little cocktail for her. Perfect.

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