I have finished the first season of Veronica Mars. SO good. Like, I know I’m criminally late on this but, um, what’s up with the low ratings? It’s like Friday Night Lights. People must be allergic to excellence.

Anyway, happily, despite my newfound love for Veronica Mars, amazingly I’ve also still been able to retain my disdain for Kristen Bell in real life. This was confirmed last night when I took pleasure at seeing pictures of her with lank hair in a terrible red dress with a leather skirt last night at the People’s Choice Awards and the premiere of The Grey. And I know my friend Laura, who also doesn’t care for Kristen Bell, because we were together to witness the size of Bell’s bitch, will be delighting in these photos as well.

And then there’s Ashley Greene who can never seem to get it together, ever. Which is an indication, really, that bad taste is built into her genetic code. Kinda like Jessica Simpson. I mean, how do you not walk away from this dress that could only have been designed for Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton?