Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard announced yesterday that they’re expecting a baby. I’m staying at Duana’s right now in Toronto and when I told her this on Monday morning she got all giggly and happy and immediately started researching due dates. It’s a Veronica Mars thing.

As you know, Du and I disagree on K Bell -- she adores her and I find her insufferable. Will she be less so now that she’s carrying a baby around? It hasn’t been a great start.

Oh look! They just happened to release a statement about their pregnancy on the day that Dax is scheduled to appear on Jay Leno! Coincidence or conspiracy?

Oh look! Here’s the first photo of K Bell with a tiny bump - click here to see - conveniently published on the day of the announcement even though it was actually taken A WEEK BEFORE by Startraks, the photo agency that also does all of Blake Lively’s set-up shots. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Why hold off for a week?

Please. Don’t you remember what happened last week? Sandy cockblocked everyone. They pushed it back to get maximum coverage right out of the weekend. They’re not the first and they won’t be the last. Pregnancy is a PR device now. Which is fine, I guess. Because for some reason, we keep fame-rewarding people who have babies. But once you give away the privacy, you don’t get to ask for it back, right? I get to be all up in Kristen Bell’s personal business now. And she doesn’t get to complain.