Well, they cleared the first hurdle. When you name your first daughter Lincoln, you are morally obligated not to call the second one Rebecca, or even Kira. You have to match tone, and I think they did. Both all Americana, nostalgia and a good dose of southernness, which is amusing given that Shepherd and Bell are both from Michigan, so they’re virtually Canadian. Delta and Lincoln go nicely together.

I know the touchstone for Delta is supposed to be ‘Delta Dawn’, and I listened to it again this morning to see if I know it – I’ve always heard people reference it but it’s never meant anything to me – so I can’t react to whether that association is a good one or not. As for Delta Burke – guys, nobody who this baby is going to associate with is going to remember who she is, unless she has a comeback, in which case that’s great for baby Bell Shepard. 

Give these guys credit for sticking to the formula that has worked well for them. Not known names, not wacky words-as-monikers. They know their kid-name brand.