And... sadly... Isla Fisher.

There are so many things I cherish about my friend Laura but nothing more than the glee with which she hates on Kristen Bell. Laura is also my producer – in Cannes, at the Oscars, all over the world including Sundance where we forever bonded over mutual eye roll for Kristen Bell who, as you know, is barely anyone, but stalked around that place like she was too good to stop, and claimed she didn’t want to be cared about.

This is the email I received from Laura last night:

“I love... that the best designer Kristen Bell could get was Tory Burch. Because when I think about haute couture, Tory Burch is the first thing that comes to mind. In a tired one shoulder, gold lame draped piece of cheap fabric and old lady hair, once again, Kristen meets my low expectations. If there's one thing I can appreciate about her, it's that she never fails to deliver exactly what I expected. Sometimes less.”

Laura is right on all counts. For flats? Tory Burch, sure. But... at the Met Gala? I mean, look at this sad thing Kristen is wearing. You know in a period movie, like Troy, or something, and all the extras, they have to stand to the side wearing the cheapest toga sh-t available to the costume designer?

That’s what Kristen Bell wore to the Met Gala. She wore something meant for an extra.

It’s too good.

I’m just sorry Isla Fisher had to get dragged into it. Having said that, um, Isla Fisher hasn’t been around in a while. And I am still embarrassed for her for that Shopoholic movie too. So... I mean... when Tory Burch is the best you can get for the Met Ball, alongside Kristen Bell, maybe you should skip the event altogether and stay home with Sacha and the kids.


Is it just me or did Tory keep the best thing she made to herself and had the other two look like her maids?

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