It is my professional duty to care about Justin Bieber. And he’s Canadian which means the caring is multiplied by 5 to satisfy Canadian Content requirements. Michelle assures me this will only last another year. Is that longer or shorter than Jersey Shore? Please let it be over.

Also debated during our live blog – when can we expect a Bieber growth spurt? Bieber is almost 16. Duana, our resident teen expert, believes that the growing should have already happened. I always thought it was somewhere around 18. This then led us to throw up a prediction poll about how tall he’ll end up. Like 5 ft 10 Clooney styles? Or average? Or 5 ft 6 on a good day Tom Cruise?

A majority of respondents picked Tom Cruise.

Bieber presented with a mortified Ke$ha who towered over him and seemed bitter that she was stuck at the kids’ table.

Also needing an apple box last night – Kristen Bell with Josh Duhamel to promote the trite and dismally reviewed When in Rome. Conveniently she also announced her engagement to Dax Shepherd as reported by Us Weekly. How very Drew Barrymore of you. Except you’re not Drew Barrymore.

By the way, did you see her on Letterman not impressing Letterman? And too much tryharding. Also, while Julia Roberts can cuss on Letterman, Kristen Bell should never been cussing on Letterman.

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