It is not remotely the most interesting scene from the show -- I’m not sure it’s even the most interesting from the episode in question -- but when I think of Veronica Mars, I often think about the scene in season 2 where Veronica tries to set up Vinnie with a bugged pen, and he sings out the window to her to show her it hasn’t worked.

“Private Eyes, Are Watching You. Veronica Mars”…

Awesome because she’s not as smart as she thinks he is, and because it involves her beloved LeBaron, and also because it involves Vinnie, who, let’s be honest, is also one of her favourites. It just encapsulates the series for me.

As such, these pictures bring me great joy.

No, there is no sign of Vinnie. At least, not yet. But there’s my girl Veronica, with a smirk on her face and a pen cap (or something – floss tool? ) in her mouth. What I love most about these photos is that as she harasses Logan and Gia looks on, she is so damned amused. I don’t think these were all taken during a cut, either. That’s the face!  That’s Veronica’s face,  enjoying herself so much at any given time that the actual “work” of sleuthing never feels like a drag.

So, what do we know from what we’ve seen here?

Well, we know Bell busted her ass to get back into shape. I know she was in great shape before, but she had her kid less than three months ago, which must be mildly terrifying. I always thought it must be hard that part of the Veronica persona was that she was tiny – that’s a lot of pressure to maintain that same tininess.  

We know Veronica’s still getting out and around. One of the things I remember Rob Thomas saying was that of course Veronica could, in theory, do 99% of her detective work from a computer, but it’s boring, so the writers were always trying to figure out how to get her into the world. I am glad this continues.

We know that Jason Dohring’s haircut is speaking to the part of Logan that left inspirational messages on his voicemail, and not necessarily the part that bought GHB in Tijuana. You know what I mean?

(No. Stop yelling at me. First of all you don’t get to be mad about spoilers this late in the game, and second of all, that actually tells you nothing, plot-wise.)

We know that I am so excited I can’t really breathe, and since I bet I’m indicative of the average Veronica fan, I wonder how much more “behind the scenes” we’ll get?   Of course they promised all kinds of information would flow to the Kickstarter donors, but at the same time, this is the kind of thing where you don’t want too much, because part of the joy is not knowing.  For now, this is just enough.