But before that, click here to see the District 3 Tributes. They’ve also cast Katniss’s ma. Click here for more information on that. And John C Reilly is supposedly negotiating to be Haymitch? Meh. Not really into him for it.

Oh … and…

Kristen Bell is the latest celebrity to be, as Sarah from Cinesnark calls it, begging for a role. She wants to be Johanna. You know how I feel about the Bell. Bitch. Please. Please not Johanna. Please not anyone. Click here for more on Bell’s Hunger Games ambitions. Ugh.

Still no Finnick either.

But Duana sent me a super fun link yesterday. Click here. Are you happy with your district? Duana is 10. I’m 11. Am SO down with being District 11. Like Rue. District 11 – they’re believed to be of ethnic origin, don’t eat much but they grow the food to support the Capitol. And they’re badly mistreated. And as such, their tributes usually don’t get very far in the Arena. Yeah, I’d be the first to get picked off in the Arena.

Whatever. You’re not even paying attention anymore. You’re too busy getting your district, right?

One more link Duana sent… here. Sinister!

Attached – Kristen Bell on Jay Leno a couple of weeks ago.

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