Kristen Bell’s pale lip at the Emmys

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 19, 2016 14:39:15 September 19, 2016 14:39:15

So… Kristen Bell is not my favourite. And she’s never my favourite on a red carpet. I actually look forward to this; I look forward to not liking whatever she wears on a red carpet. But this did not happen at the Emmys. Her dress was nice. Too flouncy and maybe even a little too busy for my taste but definitely not on the worst list. And she wears it well, very well. She could have worn it better, however, if she had chosen a different lip colour.

As I mentioned earlier, so many women last night joined the pale lip club. And, with few exceptions it was a mistake. It was a total wash-out. This is what’s missing from Kristen’s look. A brighter lip would have brought out more of the colours in her dress. Instead, with the nude lip, she instead brought out the beige foundation of the gown. And the result is that nothing popped.

Speaking of popping – have I mentioned that my gross eye stye (it turned into a chalazion, actually – google it! But only if you can stomach it) popped on Thursday? Can I please, please, please just show you what it looked like the night before? LOOK!


Can you believe this was living on my eye???

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Are you ready to hear details about what happened when it popped? I’ll give you some time to process before I hit you with another round of grossness. Jacek is apoplectic right now and doesn’t want me to post this sh-t. But seriously, how can I not share this with you? 

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