Duana and I both groaned. Kiki D could have owned this thing, you know? Kiki D, who very rarely dresses for Reese Witherspoon’s PEOPLE Magazine readers, seemed the perfect candidate to take over this red carpet with quirk and individuality and...

Cleavage + a F-CKING FEATHER skirt is how she came.

I almost can’t believe it.

I don’t think she can believe it.

In some of these photos, I feel like she’s asking herself how she ended up wearing this Louis Vuitton.

Was there a problem with the original choice?

The dress comes from this collection. Either one of those velvet dresses in the same collection would have been better. Or even the silk patterned housecoat. Or the sparkly dress with the muffs on the wrists. And Kiki D still showed up in the most uninteresting look from the runway. Makes no sense to me.