Gwyneth Paltrow’s ongoing battle with Vanity Fair you already know about. Nigella Lawson is apparently in the same position. According to the Daily Mail the magazine is working on a profile of Lawson too and she doesn’t want to cooperate because they’re trying to find out what her relationship with her estranged husband was like. You know, he’s the dude who was photographed with his hands around her throat.


Check out Vanity Fair’s new cover. The top line.

Does Kristen Stewart have a target on her back too?

“The Wife Who Outfoxed Kristen Stewart”…?

Do they mean Liberty Ross?

If that’s the case, sh-t, Vanity Fair is out for blood all over the place.

Attached – Gwyneth out last night in support of her friend Amanda de Cadenet in London. I f-cking love this outfit. And I love that she didn’t bother with much makeup either. As for the highly anticipated Vanity Fair takedown, it seems as though we might have to wait until 2014 as early word is that it’s not in the current Nicole Kidman issue.