Kristen Stewart ran into to John Corbett yesterday. He’s in town with Bo Derek and their dogs, is working on a new project. Not sure what and don’t care. Aidan was never my dude. Ew.

Back to Kristen – looks gorgeous after a full day on set. She and Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson were shooting on a road by the woods yesterday, a scene where Taylor transforms into a wolf at the end. Or something.

Also attached – two other wolves: Chaske Spencer and Bronson Pelletier who is Canadian and SO cute.

As for what the Twilight kids were up to this weekend: on Friday several of them went out for dinner – cast and crew – in Yaletown including Kristen, Nikki, Jackson, and Robert. Kristen paid. There’s actually more to this story (about her paying) but these twi-hards, they confuse me. First they say leave them alone. Then they ask for more details. The emails will show me the way.

Then on Saturday morning, Robert and Nikki were spotted exiting his hotel together, met up right away with a friend, and all three grabbed a cab. RP and Nikki then had lunch with two others again in Yaletown that afternoon and were later joined by Taylor Lautner.

That night, RP and Kristen hooked up with some production folks from the movie at a pub for a casual production meeting over in Gastown. RP and Kristen left separately and he was seen later on with Nikki and some other non-famous friends.

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