OMG are you ready?

Twilight 5 opens wide wide wide tomorrow!

So far the reviews have been... decent? The movie is rating over 65% at this writing on Rotten Tomatoes although amusingly enough, even the ones who are coming in on a “fresh” ranking seem to amount to... “it doesn’t suck” or “at least it’s over now”.

My friend Lo went to see Breaking Dawn 2 at a screening last night. She asked me what to look out for before she left. I told her to tell me if Ashley Greene’s going to be nominated for an Oscar. When she came out, she messaged to say that this could be the year for Ashley Greene, even more so than Anne Hathaway to which I replied, “So Fantine was miscast is what you’re saying”.


All of Les Miserables was miscast. As Lo posits, Robert Pattinson could have been Valjean and Taylor Lautner Javert. And while we’re at it, how dare Daniel Day-Lewis do such a sh-tty job as Lincoln when the role, obviously, belongs to Kellan Lutz? Lo is right -- Hollywood doesn’t know what it’s doing.

Here are Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Lautner in Spain today promoting the movie. Great accessorising with an otherwise boring dress, by her standards. Pattinson has terrible hair right now. And why has Lautner become an afterthought this go-round?

PS. SPOILER: Ahem. As I reported on December 8, 2010, the “epic war” part at the end of the movie is exactly as I described. Click here for a refresher.