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Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 4, 2010 11:56:45 May 4, 2010 11:56:45

Very controversial. The FUG Girls probably detest it. Most of you probably can’t stand it. Even a few Twi-Hards have emailed already today to say they hated it.


I liked the effort very much. I will take this over this (click here) all the time.

Remember, as has been repeated too many times today already, it’s the Met Gala. It’s not the sh-tty ass stylings of Stephenie Meyer and her ankle length corduroy skirts. WTF? Take the Herve Leger and save it for a random movie premiere.

When you are just 20 and on the cover of Vanity Fair and Anna Wintour wants to shoot you for Vogue and there’s so much time and so much to do and so much opportunity, why would you put on a boring ass ball gown in New York at the motherf-cking MET GALA and not take some chances? Why would you say no to Karl Lagerfeld when he declares you’re worthy of his Chanel?

You wouldn’t.

So no, it’s not for everyone. It’s amazingly esoteric, from the hair (love it), to the makeup, to the bust, and put it this way, Emmy sodding Rossum isn’t showing up in this dress. Neither is Bella Swann. Huzzah.

Having said that – a couple of tweaks:

I wonder if Karl could have trimmed the breast wings maybe a few cm because she’s short and they cut her arms off on camera at a rather unflattering section straight on. See? When she stands at an angle she can show her arm shape more effectively but when you shoot her straight, it’s like she’s hiding behind a board, and as such in some images, she kinda looks butch which is fine if that’s the intended effect, but this time, no, butch was most definitely not the intended effect.

Also, since Le Karl is dressing her now, perhaps he can teach her how to pose. Or to at least not look embarrassed at having to be there. Because if you have the balls to pick this dress, you should have the balls to WEAR the f-cking dress. Pose with some bitchface, enough with that sheepish smile, give it some attitude, I know it’s in there. After all, she’s an actor. A very good one. And I’m not buying that she’s uncomfortable in this forum either. If she was uncomfortable she would not have come. And if she came anyway, and was pressured into doing so, then she’s not what she says she is.

This was the maiden voyage. Better for 2011 then.

Photos from and Larry Busacca/Stephen Lovekin/

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