Last night at the Adventureland premiere in LA – Kristen Stewart, love the hot orange dress, don’t love how she’s been styled. The makeup’s not right. Or something. Like she’s an imposter. I prefer my KStew with natty dirty hair. Having said that, Kristen is 18 and she looks 18. Kristen is 18 and she easily looks 10 years younger than Ali Lohan. Right?

Some love for the other Kristen too, shall we? Kristen Wiig, best known from Saturday Night Live, also in Adventureland, also on the carpet. Her “Penelope” is definitely my favourite character but for a long time I could never look at Angelina Jolie without thinking Angelina Jolaire, from her first Target Lady with Justin Timberlake. Heh.

Also at the premiere last night: Ryan Reynolds not wearing foundation – yay! Still…he doesn’t do it for me. No, never has. Have the eyes always been so close together?

Photos from AXELLE/