My friend Duana is holding on tightly to her integrity and refusing to read the Twilight series. I admire her for it. But Duana is also a pop culture junkie. And the Twilight movement will not be slowing down. Twilight the first movie hits theatres in December – a significant release date. Only films expected to fare well open in December…

Some are saying Twilight will be like High School Musical, only palatable to more than just pimply faced teens.

Can Duana continue to paddle against the current?

Attached – Kristen Stewart, the star of Twilight, in one of my favourites from the carpet last night. It’s event appropriate, it’s age appropriate, and I wish my stumpy legs could make those pants work. Those pants are giving me a hard-on.

As for whether or not Kristen Stewart is ready for crazy fame… that bitch face is no accident. Trust.

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