Well, the back is certainly better than the front. To me the zigzag on it though might be a little extra, kinda like crinkle cut fries, and unnecessary with all the business happening in the pattern, but it’s definitely an improvement on the front which is too heavy across the chest, not flattering at all. Especially the way it falls shapelessly and doesn’t come in around the waist– a disservice to her figure, because she does have a really, really lovely figure.

Am also not feeling the pattern. I don’t know if this pattern says I’m 20 (or however old she is, I can’t be bothered to google, I still have 3,000 words to go today and it’s already been 4,000 but if you want to be a know-it-all Twi-Hard be my guest), hot, fresh, and everyone wants me.

No, I’m pretty sure this pattern says please return to my Louis XIV chaise, thank you. Or a bed cover. It’s upholstery. Furniture. And maybe if the material had been different, the result would have been too, but the shine on it automatically ages the whole thing.

You know who I could see wearing this?

LeAnn Rimes.


Shame, really. Because everything else was styled so well. The hair, the makeup, I love the double cuffs. Proenza could have done a much better job on her though. Much.

Anyway, am also attaching a couple of pictures of Stewart back in a t-shirt and jeans at the afterparty. See now this is sensible to me. First of all because it gets messy at an afterparty and those gowns are several thousand dollars. But also...


This is how I roll too. Did I tell you about the time I got chewed out by the Academy at the Oscars for showing up in the press room in a hoodie and chucks? I’m down with the girl who shoves an extra set of casual clothes in a bag to change into after putting in a few hours on the carpet. There is no reason to live like Victoria Beckham. None.

Photos from Wenn.com and Demis Maryannakis/Splashnewsonline.com and Stephen Lovekin/Larry Busacca/Gettyimages.com