They camped out for days. They rubbed their tits together with no showers waiting to get their Hearts Robbed. And he did not disappoint.

Kristen Stewart however, well, as a fan of her sartorial selections most of the time, this was not her best. That’s two for two on no wins in Los Angeles. Perhaps it’s the pressure of Los Angeles. Because this dress, it tried to be too many things to too many people.

It wanted to be sleek and sharp with the one shoulder. And it also wanted to be an elaborately beaded wedding gown. Incongruous. And too heavy. Would have loved it in white crepe, something less weighted, a better cling, to better complement that amazing back. Right now it’s something that started off for a bride, thought about becoming a sweater for an old rich lady at Christmas, and then decided to at the last minute to tour with Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas. Stewart’s makeup artist however is always on game.

And her boyfriend last night was very much on game too.

The colour of his suit is a liiiiiiittle carnival, sure. But the tailoring is perfect. And he’s wearing it with flair. You know when Johnny Depp puts on his weird little outfits and it’s pointless to call it a weird little outfit because he just owns that sh-t like it’s his?

There is nothing sheepish about Pattinson here. He didn’t ruin it by being embarrassed of it, which is kind of what his play has been thus far. Instead, maybe because of the hair, Pattinson is demonstrating some fashion flavour of his own. In combination with the fact that he’s learned how to close his mouth and hide his mothering hips, and again that beautiful short cut, this Pattinson is much more appealing. And it’s undeniable that his pretty combined with Stewart’s pretty, they are indeed one of the most pulchritudinous couples in the business, if not just a little bit brother and sistery, which is what they say about all attractive pairings.

Photos from and Kevin Winter/Jason Merritt/