Twi-Hards will spend their money on Twish-t. And you know it’s hard out there for the print…industry. Which is why you milk it where you can.

Entertainment Weekly
is featuring 3 covers with the 3 major stars of Twilight New Moon for its new issue with new details inside the magazine about the actors, about the director, and more, more, more, more, more!

I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly. Am very curious which one I’ll be receiving. Hopefully Kristen Stewart’s “Team Bella”. Because the other two, I mean the photo selection, was it really the best of the lot?

Taylor Lautner is side leaning trying to be a grownup again, and while Robert Pattinson managed to keep his mouth closed, that is clearly not his prettiest shot. What is this expression? Why is he trying so hard? Is he confused about something? He’s a photogenic person. There must have been a better image. See Vanity Fair.

Needless to say, the superior cover belongs to Stewart. There’s a relaxed easy smile, no pose harding going on, as always, the class of this franchise. A franchise that has yet to peak, if you can believe it. Holiday weekend projections are once again huge for New Moon. And Eclipse is due out during blockbuster season threatening to roll over everyone else. Robert Pattinson vs Jakey G vs RDJ. It’s on next summer.