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The Twi-Hards have turned them into monarchs, waving from balconies and blessing their public. Check out Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson in Paris with New Moon director Chris Weitz greeting fans from the balcony of their hotel before heading off for more promotion.

I can hear my friend Emily’s Sapphic hard-on for Kristen all the way from Vancouver…

Totally agree.

Kristen Stewart writing a new book on How To Grow Out Your Hair. Love it. Also the bone structure, that nose, you know I have a thing for noses. Her nose is a very a good nose. And her personal style is infinitely superior than Harper’s Bazaar. See? They wronged her in that magazine.

Beyond the superficial however there is a new poise to Kristen that’s very encouraging, a new comfort with her fame that has been particularly evident to most journalists interviewing her this past weekend at the New Moon junket, and illustrated on screen as the clips have aired. Unlike Pattinson who continues to bumble and fumble and fidget and itch in the spotlight, Stewart has been all grace. Still authentic and grounded, as much as she can be (she’s a celebrity), still sassy and spunky, but also rather polished, almost as though she’s no longer fighting her fame and has accepted that she has become a Major Movie Star, tolerating the sh-t that comes along with the title, embracing it even, and in doing so, perhaps actually enjoying it.

Stewart was hanging out with Fergie last night. This is the life.

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