It’s Twilight all over Vancouver as there are now almost 20 Los Angeles based paps in the city dedicated to hunting vampires – in particular, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Which is why the actors are not moving around town as easily and as comfortably as they were before. Gone are the days when Pattinson would be able to walk to Yaletown without security for brunch on Sunday. He now walks nowhere, hiding instead behind a full time security guard and a personal driver always in a vehicle.

On Friday night the cast and crew celebrated at a kick off party to commemorate the beginning of the shoot which officially started today.

On Saturday night, Twi-Hard vaginas exploded everywhere littering the western atmosphere with sparkle dust and crazy glue.

The source of this new level of batsh-tness is a series of photos from the Kings of Leon show at GM Place.

Most members of the cast were up in a box. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were sitting together and leaning close. It was the blurry shots of the two of them, as Pattinson’s head is bent towards Stewart’s, that really lit the match on the insanity, prompting Twilight moms to ditch their kids with the nanny and go for group hugging celebrations at their support groups.

Those who’ve been hoping for a Stewart/Pattinson/Bella/Edward book to life romance are obviously interpreting that they are kissing, crying themselves to sleep with joy. And hate. My inbox was flooded with hate. For people who are supposed to be happy, they sure seem really angry.

Like Tara here from Calgary:

How did it feel when Robsten kicked your mother’s c-nt?! You’re a f-cking bitch Lainey and you got yours. It’s a great day!

Others are being more cautious, spending a lot of time analysing each frame, breaking down the angles, coming up with a surprisingly rational “inconclusive” verdict. Click here to read one such example. Thanks to Jen T for sending this along.

But as the fans are salivating over these images, they are also pleading for the stars’ privacy. These are the same losers who would organise a f-cking parade if a sex tape got leaked.

As for what’s really going on between Stewart and Pattinson – they are undoubtedly aware of the speculation, they clearly don’t seem to mind fueling it. Quickly learning the art of media play. Excellent.

But while the Twi-Hards are obsessing over the curious kiss pics, I prefer the ones of Kristen’s leg hiked up, foot on the ledge, body angled closer to Jackson Rathbone on her right. Mad steez.

Speaking of…

As of today (Monday) Kristen is still rocking Joan Jett hair. I’ll have some nice exclusive photos of her for you first thing tomorrow in addition to exclusive details about what was filmed today.

Also attached – Nikki Reed went shopping with Elizabeth Reaser on Sunday who was wearing the ugliest mom pants, like, ever. Not sweet.

Earlier hooked up with her Thirteen co-star Vanessa Hudgens for a catch-up session away from home. As you can see, Hudgens’ pants aren’t working either. In fact, Hudgens’ pants are worse. Christ these are horribly unflattering.

By the way, when Vanessa saw the paps, she turned around and started walking backwards.



Was it the pants?

Hudgens is trying to make herself useful – she’s in Sucker Punch filming in Vancouver in a few weeks – after an embarrassing turnout at the box office for her new movie Bandslam.

I’ve seen Bandslam. It doesn’t suck. It’s 30 minutes too long, and she’s completely irrelevant, but the lead actor is super endearing, the dialogue is – for the most part – clever and snappy, and some of the musical sections are pretty catchy.

Bandslam comes from Summit, the same studio behind Twilight. Summit tried to draw Twilight fans into the seats for Bandslam by promising a brand new trailer accompanying its release on Friday. The brand new trailer turned out to be a budget ass mickey mouse recycled minute and a half of footage that actually featured interview clips with Taylor Lautner – like junket styles – talking about his character’s development that ate up a third of the clip.


And totally amateur. Who includes interview footage in a f-cking trailer?

No doubt, New Moon promises to be a superior effort compared to Twilight’s cheap cheese. Under Chris Weitz’s direction, stuffed teddy bear Jacob wolf graphics aside, it will certainly satisfy the fans. The fans. They’re mental, but the fans are the driving force behind the series.

And Summit rewards them with a bullsh-t half ass erection killing fail?

That’s what you call a disservice to the fans.

If the movie isn’t ready, if it’s still being cut, don’t con them into the goddamn theatre to make money for Vanessa Hudgens. Please.

Again, more Twilight exclusives tomorrow.

Thanks Emily!

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