That’s the end of Twilight in Vancouver. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson completed work on reshoots for Twilight 5 yesterday in Vancouver. They left right away, early this morning, practically on the first flight, like they couldn’t wait to bail out of Canada. Things have indeed always been kinda bullsh-t for them here with Twi-Hards stalking the hotels and swarming the restaurants. And you can imagine, after so many years, they’ve probably been ready for a while now to put those characters behind them.

Next: Stewart and Pattinson are both expected at Cannes. Pattinson caused a meltdown on the Croisette the last time he was in Cannes. Then the poor guy had to listen to Emile Hirsch give a lecture on film at the Hotel du Cap. After that a skeevy blonde sold him out to the tabloids. Perhaps with his girlfriend there this time, he’ll get more out of it.