Been getting a lot of polite requests lately for Robert Pattinson. Bonus! Last night he took Kristen Stewart out for dinner at Ago...which now means that every f-ckin’ Twi-Hard hitting up Los Angeles has now added the restaurant to her “tour book”.

As you can see, Pattinson, who was hirsute and frankly a little bloated several days ago is now clean-shaven, ready to resume work on the final installment(s) of the franchise so that he can say goodbye to that sh-t forever. They’ll never admit it but it’s tiresome now. It’s time to prove that the career can be more than that now.

Anyway, predictably I got yelled last week after my initial assessment in Smutty Tingles that he looked swollen. Pattinson has been on down time, enjoying his friends, enjoying his beer, enjoying his travel. Don’t we all put on some weight after a holiday, or are you determined to bury him under the albatross of expected perfection?

And after an evening out with his girl, hopefully several glasses of wine later, or maybe vodka seeing as it was National Vodka Day yesterday, the two hopped into a cab headed for home. This is my favourite part of the story. Because these people don’t normally take cabs in LA, and certainly not anyone as famous as they are. You can’t just stick your arm out and hail a cab in LA. This, again, is why they always DUI.

But these two kids, instead of riding around like douchebags with a permanent driver, they take cabs. Very, very few of their contemporaries would do the same.

Photos from Roshan Perera/ and INFphoto