Photos of Twilight Eclipse cast in Vancouver:

Jack Huston arrived yesterday. Smarmy looking dude. I guess that’s the point? Huston is playing Royce King. If memory serves he was the rich dude who raped Rosalie… ?

And Justin Chon was spotted out and about Vancouver, much better with shorter hair.

Meanwhile Christian Serratos couldn’t resist the puppy. Who could resist that Westie puppy????!!!! Apparently his name is “Bolt”. Bolt must smell good. All puppies smell good. Marcus used to smell like cedar flakes. There’s a spot on the top of his head that has retained it but otherwise, he reeks of dog stank that only a father could love.

Sorry to digress…

Also attached – Peter Facinelli returning to Vancouver. He was approached for a favour at the airport. A huge fan of his could not make it there in time to see him and get his autograph, so he told her friend he’d talk to her on the phone. They chatted for 5 minutes.

And finally…

The main stars have been hard at work this week. David Slade tweeted on Monday that he shot with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and I can tell you exclusively that Kristen has also been working with Taylor Lautner this week. “Bella” goes on a piggyback run with “Jacob” and they run through the forest. She also drops blood everywhere, and at some point she punches him in the face after he kisses her.

And for the Twi-Hards, Slade’s Tweet referred to scenes between Stewart and Pattinson that took place in the “meadow”. My source tell me that they talk about getting married, they roll around a little, and they agree on a wedding date.

Now go make out with your Edward Cullen shower curtain.

Exclusive photos from
PUNKD Images