Twi-Hards have been tit bumping each other the last couple of days as photos of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been released of the two together in Brasil filming Breaking Dawn. Production has moved to Rio to shoot the exterior honeymoon scenes. Already there are some promising improvements. Stewart’s extensions/wig for instance looks good from this distance. And Pattinson’s pants are even working for me too.

As I previously reported – click here for a refresher – the script calls for a lot of sex between their characters specifically during this part of the shoot. The way it’s written, it actually sounds kinda hot. Not like Twilight lame sh-ts hot, but normal person hot. And so the question becomes whether or not Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, a producer now on the films, whose taste is demonstrably assy, will hover around the set and tone their business down. You know.

Breaking Dawn
Parts 1 and 2 are filming concurrently and not always in sequence. The two are expected to be in Rio all week. Filming then is scheduled, if everything goes smoothly, to resume in Louisiana on November 15th where they will shoot most interiors including the honeymoon interiors, the Volturi castle, and inside Bella’s house.

This post is for my friends. They know who they are. They emailed at 8am today requesting some “Rob”. Are you happy now?

Photos from Photo Rio News/