Kristen Stewart and Tom Cruise Jr were in Stockholm today to promote Twilight Eclipse. Thanks God she’s rid herself of that weave. Leave that tacky ass sh-t to Ashley Greene.

Love the corset detail on this dress. Love even more the hair tie around her wrist. On a more manufactured starlet, that would have been removed. Laura yells at me to remove mine when I’m working for etalk and I’m just a lowly television reporter, not the hottest young actress in the business. But sometimes you just want to throw your hair back and get it off your face. She’s lucky she only needs one. Mine won’t hold with just a single elastic. See how worn hers is? She’s been using it for a while. Probably because it’s her last. There’s a desperation you feel when you’re away from home on your last hair tie. It’s like you never want it out of your sight.

Stewart and Taylor Lautner are making their way back to America where on Thursday they’ll join Robert Pattinson and the rest of the Twilight cast in LA for the big premiere. Those Twi-Hards have already started lining up. In their tents, with their signs, days in advance, making pilgrimages from as far away as Australia, in the hopes of a 30 second glimpse of his hair. To breath the same air. To sweat in the same heat. To be illuminated by the same moon.

What exactly is the hope here?

That while his girlfriend signs autographs three feet next to him, he will lock eyes with one of these losers and somehow not think she’s a loser even though she’s been standing there for 72 hours waiting to tell him he’s Robbed Her Heart? I get it for a 15 year old. I do not get it for the 35 year old basement mom who spends more time with her Edward pillow than she does with her own children.

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