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Written by Sarah

This is how it’s done when you’re young and you’re fun. After a somewhat rough month in the media—first the Vogue kerfuffle then the controversial comments in Elle thing—Stewart, the actress who is supposed to be so dour and grim, bounced right back onto the press trail for Eclipse. Has she pouted, passed blame, or otherwise taken the cop-out attitude of so many of her peers? No. She’s been dropping her steeze all over the world on the press tour, looking relaxed and happy in her interviews. More than ever before, Kristen Stewart looks comfortable with her job as the face of a major franchise.

This is Stewart in Rome this morning with Taylor Lautner. They look cute together, yes? Oh settle down, I think they’re cute like brother and sister. They look like they spend their evenings at the hotel short-sheeting their security team’s beds and ordering sundaes from room service. Although their outfits are a little matchy-matchy, I do love Stewart’s paneled J. Mendel dress. This is KStew style at its best—young, a little edgy but a little modest, black nail polish and peep toe pumps, refreshing. When you’re young and beautiful, your DNA should be doing all the heavy lifting, not your foundation. Her peers could take a page.

As for Rob Pattinson, he’s back in LA continuing work on Water for Elephants. He’s been largely absent from Eclipse press which has many tabloids announcing that he and Stewart have split. Nevermind that they’re professionals with a job to do, and at the moment professional obligations are sending her all over the world while he works. Rob & Kristen’s Devastating Split! is a much sexier headline than Kristen Goes on Press Tour While Rob Works Diligently On New Film. But the Twihards can relax. They’re still together and next week’s Eclipse premiere will provide plenty of fodder for photo assumption.

Written by Sarah
Photos from Ernesto Ruscio and ANDREAS SOLARO/

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