Kristen Stewart was spotted in LA just before Christmas with her constant companion, Alicia Cargile. Then they went on holiday together to celebrate the New Year. They were swarmed at LAX when they returned.

New photos of them in Hawaii, on the beach, have just been released. You can see them here and they’re the most definitive shots yet to support the rumours that she and Cargile are dating. They’re holding hands. In some of the pictures, it looks like they’re… nuzzling. I hate that word. But I can’t think of a better one to describe what they’re doing, sitting next to each other, shoulder to shoulder.

Terrible start to 2015 for those who’ve been hanging on, hoping against hope, that Robsten lives. He’s moved on. She’s moved on. As we do…from the romances we all had at 20 (unless you’re a Duggar).

A great start to 2015 for those of us who support Sex-Positive. There was a time when an actor with Stewart’s profile wouldn’t have been empowered to love free and live free. That’s not to say that it’s changed completely. Some would argue that young male actors in the same position still face challenges with perception and opportunity. Still…even if it’s just a beginning, it’s a good beginning.