An award season film with Kristen Stewart …and Vin Diesel?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 12, 2016 15:26:16 August 12, 2016 15:26:16

Here’s Kristen Stewart yesterday in LA with Alicia Cargile. Pap photos are not necessarily reliable indicators of celebrity happiness but it’s hard to ignore the fact that Kristen has looked really, really happy this whole year through the pap lens.

Kristen’s last film in theatres was Woody Allen’s Café Society which felt like it kinda came and went with a shrug. Her next film, however, is already carrying some expectation. The Guardian published a possible Oscar preview earlier this week ahead of the start of festival season beginning in Venice at the end of the month, then Telluride and Toronto, and then New York in October. That schedule, as you know, kicks off award season. And one of the predicted contenders for award season is Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

Billy Lynn is the first feature length film shot in 120 frames per second. It’s going to be visually spectacular and people were pretty impressed with it after early footage screenings. Billy Lynn comes out in November, just before US Thanksgiving and right after the US election and it’s about a soldier returning from service being honoured at an NFL football game. The trailer is all kinds of emotion…and Vin Diesel is in it?

I totally forgot. But given that Vin’s been in the gossip news all week, this was especially intriguing to me. It’s one thing to be a lazy dick on the Fast and xXx movies but would he have been a dick on an Ang Lee movie? Or is that when he fakes out his best actor face and comes out of his trailer on time? Ang Lee seems like he might be a kind of tiger mom style of director, according to Hugh Grant. Hugh was on Howard Stern this week and told a hilarious story about working with Ang on Sense & Sensibility. He and Emma Thompson shot a scene for Ang and asked him afterwards what he thought of the performing. Ang’s response:

“Very boring.”

What were the notes he gave to Vin Diesel? Is there a scene between Vin Diesel and Kristen Stewart? The trailer doesn’t suggest it but god, I’d love to see that. And if they’re paired during the junket, even better.


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