Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning yesterday on the set of The Runaways working that old school style. High waist leather pants. Please. If I put those on I’d be the Chinese Porny Simpson.

Kristen however looks amazing. There’s a cute, cute, CUTE body under there. As for those platforms, my mother had a pair. And she’d wear them almost exactly the way Dakota is wearing them here. With a blouse and a vest and sunglasses and there’s a classic photo of her – so random – standing next to an elephant in the Philippines before I was born, hair feathered on both sides and she loves to pull it out and tell me, every time, in the exact same phrasing, that she has always been the most stylish woman in the room. Has always been. Meaning present included.

This from a woman who now dresses like an Elvis/Dolly Parton/Hello Kitty hybrid.

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