This is the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the stars of the upcoming film Twilight, based of course on Stephenie Meyer’s best selling teen vampire saga, timed in advance of the release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth and (hopefully) final book in the series…

Have heard from many of you who’ve read Twilight after reading my review here and my post after I visited the film set here and most seem to agree – Twilight is like the literary version of Ed Westwick: Twilight is a Shame Read. Twilight is the book you cover under your coat on the subway. Twilight is the book you’ll never admit to owning. Twilight is the book you’ll devour from beginning to end in record time because you have to know what happens. And Twilight is the book you hate yourself for reading even as you stand in line to buy the next.

Thank ass it’s all about to end soon. Because every three f&cking pages Bella’s heart stops at the sight of Edward’s perfect magnificent face and after 3 installments and a final one on the way, Shiloh save us, we can’t take much more.

Breaking Dawn will be released on August 2nd. Meyer gives her first interview about the book to Entertainment Weekly. The film is currently in post and is on schedule for its December release. But this is not Edward in my mind’s eye. Sigh.

And for those of you mystified about the Twilight phenomenon…am right there with you. Curse the day I started it. My friend Duana refuses – she is my authority on all things written. But even Duana will have to concede, and soon, that Twilight has claimed its own large spot on planet pop culture. Because they are comparing Stephenie Meyer to JK Rowling. Which is the wrongness of all wrongnesses.

Having said that, the fanbase while much smaller is just as ardent as Harry’s - the superfans are as pathetic and crazy as any I’ve ever seen – and the industry is predicting Twilight will be huge. Ugh.