Robert Pattinson walked the carpet at the premiere for On The Road last night in support of girlfriend Kristen Stewart and his boy Tom Sturridge. They arrived separately; he first, and she with her castmates later. I don't hate this Balenciaga dress but I also don't love it. It's the colour, maybe? Just not sure it's doing all that much for her. Still, attitude always helps. Stewart was rather vampy along the line. Some even commented that she seemed to be throwing down a Jolie leg.

Stewart was in jeans and a leather jacket by the time Pattinson joined her at the after-party. They were in great spirits. At one point he was hugging her protectively. And she kissed him on the cheek affectionately when he went off to use the washroom...where he was followed by his security to block off other pissers. At 230am, they sent for 8 more bottles of champagne. It was a good, long night.