Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz arrived back from LA to Vancouver last night to resume preparation on Eclipse.

How famous is Taylor these days?

The fans only wanted his autograph and Kellan, for the most part, was pretty much left alone.

For Taylor, with his new status, seems to come along a new, rather studied, gait. Seems like he’s strutting, non? Strutting in those hick style shoes. Whoever keeps telling him those are working is not his friend. Poor thing. It’s like he’s trying awfully hard right now.

The rest of the cast also arrived yesterday including Ashley Greene amid a nude photo scandal that she’s undoubtedly completely devastated over and only one day after standing on stage triumphantly at Teen Choice. More on that later.

And of course, yes, on different flights, first Kristen Stewart and then Robert Pattinson, still industriously working on not being a mouth breather (well done!) flew in to Vancouver to begin their Eclipse journey…

But my sources tell me exclusively they were actually originally scheduled on the same flight, flying in together on Monday evening with two co-stars.

For some reason, at some point around the weekend, as they were apparently shacked up together at the Marmont, those plans changed, and they were flown separately. NB. The actors do not arrange their own travel. You Twi-Hards can do with that what you will, paint it with your own interpretation.

And yes, there is new hate mail. The best in a while. Stop asking for it every day. If I post it every day won’t it get boring?

Well, if they all write like Linda, they’ll never get boring. Linda is from San Francisco.

You are getting on my nerves Vlaineymort. That’s what we are calling you now. Vlaineymort hahahahhhhaaa- you love Harry Potter don’t you? Robsten or not who cares but you got me when you said Twilight wasn’t about acting, are you a critic? Why do you think so many people have fell in love with this movie if the acting is so bad. That’s why there is the craze for Robsen, it’s because people want to believe that the amazing chemistry between Rob and Kris that swept us away into this amazing world is real. It felt so real so how can it be bad acting? Just like Stephenie Meyer said Rob deserved an Oscar nomination for that and he was robbed just like the Dark Night. So just keep your stupid opinions to yourself. We just want the pictures and you should just shut up. Vlaineymort!

Photos from PUNKD Images and Bauergriffinonline.com and INFdaily.com