This is the new cover of In Touch. Can you make it come true? Because that’s what every Twi-Hard wants for Christmas. F-ck the economy, poverty, disease, f-ck it all as long as Kristen Stewart marries Robert Pattinson. Just like Bella married Edward (in a wedding scene that lasted over half an hour, they still don’t have a proper editor).

But, but, but, is it true, is it true, is it true? The source is In Touch Weekly, so we are not having this conversation. There is no way that In Touch f-cking Weekly would have the goods on these two over anyone else, although I’m very much looking forward to seeing how In Touch’s bullsh-t Twilight cover will do against a pregnant Kardashian on Us Weekly. As for how Stewart and Pattinson really are, why is it when it comes to Twi-Hards, they need an update on the love every five minutes?  The word fine seems to expire for them very, very quickly. Let’s throw them in the couples discussion today during the Live Blog. 3pm ET/Noon PT.