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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 11, 2009 07:42:44 November 11, 2009 07:42:44

Twi-Hard jizz sprayed all over the internets last night as photos were released of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson holding hands leaving Paris. I was hosting the Giller Light Bash and my Blackberry, it would not stop buzzing. Ah yes…the hate mail. And, to be fair, some nice mail too.

So I’m not writing this post. The Twi-Hards are writing this post. Enjoy.

Lainey, I’m too happy to hate you and I’ve never hated it. No one should be hating on this wonderful day of love to see 2 beautiful young people discovering the joys of each other. I am filled with warmth and inspiration. With affection. From Jennifer D

I’m not sending you hate mail. I am a twihard but I actually do enjoy your site and I think you are funny. I am writing to share with you how amazing I feel that Rob and Kris are coming out of hiding. Sometimes when love is overwhelming it will find itself to the light no matter what. I think this is what is happening and I’m going to bed tonight a very hopeful and happy person. Thanks for all that you do. From Terri

Dear Lainey, remember this day November 10/2009 for it’s when we were reborn to busk in the light of the love of Robsten, rejoicing in the desecration of those that hate the goodness and only seek the darkness. From Cathy

What’s up Lamey? Are you hiding? Why not blogs about this, embarassed now? WE WERe RIGHT ALL ALONG AND YOU WERE WRONG MOTHERF-CKER! Let me guess that is staged? WRONG AGAIN. Real love cannot be held back. You tried to soffocate them but the truth will always come out. From Linda

I better not see you snark about Robsten holding hands tomorrow or I will fly to Vancouver and stick some real American revenge inside your pussy Canadian chink ass. From Denise

Let me guess, you’re going to be like TMZ and say it’s maybe. Well it’s NOT MAYBE. It’s reality and you need to deal. DEAL DEAL DEAL DEAL DEAL!!!!!!!!! All you people ever want to do is throw stones. Well I’m throwing one back at you. Sit on it and die. From Tammy

(Tammy is referring to this)

Lainey, Nikki was just a distraction. Rob was waiting for his eternal. When she was ready he had his chance and he took it. The prize is their love. And we are the winners in this beautiful story. I am toasting you tonight with champagne. We went to buy a bottle because we finally have an occasion. From Sharon

Photos from KCSPresse/Splashnewsonline.com

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