The wrap party was last Saturday (and for those of you who keep asking, yes, contrary to what multiple outlets reported, Kristen Stewart was there though she kept it ultra low key and seemed exhausted) but Twilight Eclipse did not actually wrap until late last night/early Thursday morning.

It was a closed set, it was Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and it was “Bella” trying to open her flower to “Edward” and some other corny speak.

OK! Magazine just posted some bullsh-t article about tension between the two young stars about a supposed split even though they also said they’d moved in together just last week. The magazine noted that Stewart and Pattinson left in separate cars together after work last night/this morning and couldn’t stand to be around each other at the airport upon departure this afternoon, travelling once again in two different vehicles.

Let’s take this point by point just to make sure our favourite local wannabe can copy it properly for her own purposes without crediting:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have ALWAYS been transported separately to and from the set, whenever their ride has been paid for by the studio. Always. This is not unusual, it’s protocol. Especially for two leads of a major motion picture.

Next, Pattinson was actually released BEFORE midnight last night. He was officially done after the blueball erotica scene was completed but Kristen was required to stay several hours later for some extra voice work.

IF, and that’s a huge IF, OK! Magazine is correct in saying that they left in separate cars at the same time last night, and this is a good sign for those of you who believe there is indeed something between the two, it would mean that Pattinson STAYED an extra FOUR HOURS so that they could leave together.

My sources are unable to tell me if Pattinson did indeed hang around to wait. My sources can only tell me when he was off duty. And he was definitely off duty well before she was. So if OK! is insisting that they were seen exiting the lot at the same time in different cars, it can only mean that he stuck around, and that’s not exactly supporting evidence for two people who, as they say, are no longer on cordial terms.

As for their attitudes at the airport – they may have looked miserable when they were rushed by several pap teams upon arrival, but inside the terminal it’s a different story.

While they did not want to be photographed in the same frame together, Kristen was accompanied by her minder and gives a flirty shy smile, Pattinson was with his personal security, and all four were inside the first class lounge together. As you can see, with his sunglasses off, Pattinson was apparently ultra chatty with his bodyguard and with the airport escort. He’s talking in almost every shot. Or maybe that’s just his usual open mouth. I’m sorry, I hate to. Anyway, am told he was rather animated the entire time. And, just to get you Twi-Hards extra, extra jizzy….

Yes, they were on the same flight. Mile High Twilight – it’s your next fontrum fan fiction assignment.

And finally, to commemorate the end of Twilight Eclipse in Vancouver, here’s a Twi-Hard hatemail entry I’ve been saving for a few days. Shelly may lose out to The Swears by Tonya in creativity but the two go head to head when it comes to dumbassness.

Lainey you are such a stupid bitch. I’m reading you gushing over Shia Ladouche’s ugly girlfriend. How can you say she’s pretty with ugly short hair? According to you everyone should get an Oscar except for the person who deserves one and that is Rob Pattinson. Steph said last year that he deserved it for Twilight the people are too stuck up and I agree. I predict they will wake up to his talent this year though unlike your stupid ass after they see him in New Moon. You will see on November 20 and the world will not be the same. There’s nothing holding him back now and his performance deserves to be appreciated instead of kissing Shawn Penn’s ass. How hard is it to play a gay? You just have to act like a girl. GO ROB! And F-CK YOU LAINEY.

Do you love it?

Do you LOVE it?

Colin Firth’s performance in A Single Man was heartbreaking and brilliant, don’t you think?

Please. How hard is it to play a gay?

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